It has been three incredible years since I first met the Chin people in Malaysia in 2012. The film awards and the special screening event at the Refugee Week Closing Ceremony marked a special moment in our journey with the documentary film and our work at Mettamorphosis. It was a moment of celebration and acknowledgement of the value and contribution of refugees in our community and country. To me, it was an important acknowledgement of the Ni Chin family, Khen Cung, Moe Moe, Delia, Rubi and James – thank you for your faith in us and your extraordinary courage in sharing your stories with me for the first time in your living room in that cold winter’s day in 2013. It has been a wonderful privilege and honour to have known your family and to be welcomed into your family with open arms and hearts.

Privilege comes with responsibility… Many times during the two-year period of scripting, filming, editing and post-production of the film, I found myself heavy with the responsibility of telling their story in ways that honour their experiences and their spirit. In the most challenging of moments, I closed my eyes and listened to my heart and intuition.

One of the most deeply rewarding moments for me came during a recent conversation with Rubi when she told me that her family has found a lot of healing by being part of the documentary film and by sharing their stories. She told me that she, her sister, Delia and brother, James feel so much closer to their parents knowing what they had been through and how much they have sacrificed to give the three children a good education and a better life.

The transformational value of what I called heart-work is immeasurable, and my hope is for the film to reach people’s hearts and cross the boundaries of race, ethnicity, culture, language, geography, and difference to reach and touch our own humanity.
I have been irreversibly transformed by making this film and am deeply grateful for that…
This film was a truly humanitarian project and everyone involved was committed to and motivated by a cause much larger than all of us. The film was born out of love, sustained by love and it will connect through our shared love of humanity…


Co-Founder of Mettamorphosis