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The Metta Blog is a space to connect and share stories and achievements of our journey with the community.

Sui’s Story

Sui was one of the young Chin women we met in Malaysia while she and her family were waiting for resettlement. They have now been resettled in the US. My family and I live in Indiana. My middle brother is in Grade 5 and my youngest brother is in Grade 1. I’m now...

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Chin’s Story

Chin is a teacher at Senthang Learning Centre, one of the community schools we support in Malaysia. She and her family are still awaiting resettlement. My name is Dawt Chin Par. I came from Chin State Hakha, Myanmar. My family and I live in Malaysia. I have one little...

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Reflections – Kuala Lumpur

Last month I spent five weeks at Sentang School in Kuala Lumpur, an elementary school for stateless Chin children from Myanmar, as part of my role with Mettamorphosis. The children who attend Sentang School are refugees from the Chin ethnic minority of Myanmar....

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Arrow Pearl Raffle – 2016

At the Kelp Sundowner on November 18th 2016 raffle tickets will also be available for purchase for $25, giving you a chance of winning a stunning Arrow pearl necklace. The pearl itself is of natural provenance, produced sustainably with particular attention to...

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Reflections – Highlights of 2015

In the quiet moments of my summer break, I sat down to reflect on the extraordinary journey we’ve had in the past year… 2015 has been a busy and amazing year for Mettamorphosis Inc. A wise monk once said, ‘What is done is finished’… As we begin a new year, it’s timely...

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